Rock in Vienna 2015

04.06. – 06.06.2015, Donauinsel Wien

We’ve been working on full stretch to prepare for the big event “ROCK IN VIENNA”. As a result you’ll find a compact overview of important information listed below. This overview will be worked on in the upcoming weeks until the festival actually takes place.

Your safety is our biggest priority! Rules are important if you want to party in a friendly manner with a big community and they need to be followed by everyone. We are looking forward to a memorable rock festival at the Donauinsel in the heart of Vienna!

Age limit

Overall you are not allowed to enter the festival if you are below the age of 12. Anyone between 12 and 16 years is only allowed at the festival area if they are accompanied by a Custodial Person. A Custodial Person are usually one or both parents and not a person with parental power. You may find a consent form to download below:

consent form

The legal requirements of the Viennese law for Protection of children and youth (Wiener Jugendschutz/JuSchG) apply. The person responsible for the child has to supervise during the whole event and also needs to possess an entrance ticket. There is a maximum of 2 children per accompanying person allowed. Every child and youth below the age of 18 need to carry a legal ID with them in case to be able to identify themselves.

The security personal at the festival may not take over the supervision of children. Children can’t be brought to the entrance without an accompanying person and claimed again after. There are no exception and neither any possibilities to ignore or not follow said conditions.

There won’t be a waiting nor a lounge area for parents at the entrance area neither at the whole festival area of the Donauinsel.


You may find all information about the topic „Arrival“ here

Recording devices

It is possible that you are recorded during the event by any recording devices. By entering the area you give your permission for further procession of the recorded material.

No recording devices allowed!
You may not bring your photo or video camera with you. This includes reflex cameras, technical accessories such as tripods, lenses or devices that allow recording with a camera. Sound recordings from any device, starting with a MP3-device or a dictating machine are prohibited. We prohibit access to the festival area to any person who is not willing to leave such devices and accessories with the security force. The left-behind devices can be picked up again after the festival. You may not make demands if said devices or accessories are being lost. The forgoing rules may not apply to compact cameras or phones with photo and video recording ability (so called “smart phones”).


You can simply download all information about the topic „Camping“ from the following link: camping


You may enter the festival area through an area between the U6 bridge and the Brigittenauer bridge.
You will find further information about this topic in the near future!

Area plan:

For a better orientation you can soon find a download of the whole festival here.

Hotel / Hostels / Youth hostel

You’ll find helpful information about fitting shelters here: hotels

Line Up:

An overview about the latest line-up can be found at the following link: bands


The schedule is not finished quite yet but will be available here as soon as it ist he case!

We celebrate together!

The event „Rock in Vienna“ is supposed be the a memorable event for everyone and for everyone to enjoy and have fun at. Which is why it is essential to take care of one another and draw the line as soon as the freedom of others is limited. Consideration for others, help and moral courage are words that should be taken to heart by everyone. We find it a good idea that everyone is pulling their weight. Safety and integrity are a premiss that will take care of every festival visitor and means that after a successful weekend we all can find our ways home with nice memories and a look forward to the next year.

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